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Mar 31, 2007

Stats Bar for Lord ElwoodListen to our interview with Lord Elwood of Fort Wayne, IN.

Content Rating: Normal
Date Recorded: February 11,...

Mar 24, 2007

Stats Bar for TikiListen to our interview with Tiki of island of Oahu, Hawaii. The tikis are perhaps best known for their tiki coins, and have been geocaching for more than 5 years. Check out their website at

Content Rating: Explicit
Date Recorded: February 11,...

Mar 17, 2007

Stats Bar for Bass_ChazListen to our interview with Bass_Chaz of New Hampshire Seacoast. This episode features an interview recorded before the fateful Deliverys in the Back cache incident. We caught up with him again last weekend for a short update since that event. Bass_Chaz has released a travel bug -- Bass Chaz's Bad Idea! (OR, How NOT to...

Mar 10, 2007

Stats Bar for xpunkx & JulezListen to our interview with xpunkx & Julez of Northern Indiana.

Content Rating: Normal
Date Recorded: January 27,...

Mar 3, 2007

Stats Bar for GolfnutzListen to our interview with Golfnutz of Clarksville, Arkansas. Listen in to this interview with an experienced Geocacher.

Content Rating: Clean
Date Recorded: February 4,...