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Jun 30, 2007

Stats Bar for mountainrangerListen to our interview with mountainranger of Wiesbaden, Germany. Aside from tackling those extreme caches (terrain 5s look out!), mountainranger also recorded an excellent show for Podcacher Ep. 110 covering the MegaPott GeOlympics 2007.

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Date Recorded: March 24,...

Jun 23, 2007

Stats Bar for SerenityNowWatch our interview with SerenityNow of Northeast Ohio. This caching couple is well known for their great events they host with Finding Fraggle Rock. The event is largely funded through the sale of the coins available in either Black Nickel or Shiny Copper. This year's event -- ¿Dude, Donde Esta Mi Chevy? -- is only a...

Jun 16, 2007

Stats Bar for DeermarkListen to our interview with Deermark. Deermark hosts the TrailMix events, the ninth (GC132B4 and GC132C2) coming up at the end of the month.

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Date Recorded: January 28,...

Jun 9, 2007

Stats Bar for the3defausListen to our interview with the3defaus of Texas’s Big Country. We heard a little about how Steve credits Geocaching with saving his marriage, how he converts Geomuggles, and the start of the Greater Abilene Geocachers Association.
Also mentioned in this episode are two caches (GC1343J and GC13416) by RapidEye.

Jun 2, 2007

Stats Bar for OzarksJimListen to our interview with OzarksJim of Nixa, Missouri. We spoke with the self-confessed Cache-A-Maniac of the Ozarks several months ago for his take on caching and some good stories.
Also mentioned in this episode is the Coffee, Coins & Sigs Fall 2007 (GC12YX8) event coming in August 2007.

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