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May 31, 2008

Stats Bar for KyWildturkeyListen to our interview with KyWildturkey of Southern Kentucky. This Cacher got his nickname from his state and his history of turkey hunting. We spoke with him on the eighth anniversary of the original stash which was about two years after his sixth cacheversary. His first GPSr was an Eagle Explorer. KYWildTurkey uses

May 24, 2008

Stats Bar for XiaDogListen to our interview with XiaDog of Western Massachusetts. He credits his workmate Bhob for his introduction to Geocachine. He started caching in Massachusetts and quickly ranged through the southern states, making finds in Virginia and South Carolina, finding more caches outside his home state than in....

May 17, 2008

Stats Bar for tlbeersListen to our interview with tlbeers of Japan. Tim (the "t" in "tl") is stationed in Japan and uses his Geocaching to learn more about the island on which he's currently living. A friend showed him how to find and found it a great way to explore Okinawa while stationed there with his wife who is a member of the...

May 10, 2008

Stats Bar for Sandy HamsListen to our interview with Sandy Hams of East of Portland on the way to Mt. Hood. This couple found Geocaching through the HAM radio buddies and they continue to find caches as a group. They've even purchased a hybrid car to keep their caching up as the gas prizes rise.

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May 3, 2008

Stats Bar for laewenListen to our interview with laewen of South of Stuttgart, Germany. Jan does most of cache finds while running, and for his first few used only Google Maps, no GPSR.

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