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Oct 25, 2008

Stats Bar for GeoaddictListen to our interview with Geoaddict of Chelsea, Michigan. He got started with caching from GIS Day 2005 celebration placing geocaches in parks (Washtenaw County GIS and GIS Day). His GPS's include the Magellan SportTrak Color, Magellan SportTrak Map, and Magellan Explorist 100. The first cache he found was the Random Kindness Cache and he ran into Nurse Nanna on the trail. He likes to leave sigcards behind advancing other resources such as: Cache-a-Maniacs, Geocaching Creed, and Podcacher. GeoAddict loves to cache in Stinchfield Woods owned by U-of-M and wants to cache in the Rocky Mountains Area. Amongst some of his hides are Healthy Communities Puzzle Cache, and Michigan Steps Up cache. He enjoys caching in Kensington Metro Park and is friends with both Sludge_Shoveler and Beenhere.
Also mentioned on this episode is Scoot the Frog and past guest MonkeyBrad's 6th Annual Haunted Hayride & Caching Cookout event (GC1GJQ4) coming up on November first.

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Date Recorded: September 30, 2008