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Jan 1, 2009

Stats Bar for softball29Listen to our interview with softball29 of Delaware County in Upstate New York. P.J. started caching with his friend speliopirate using his Garmin Rino 530 but is currently using the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx. For his paperless caching, he's using a Dell Axim with Cachemate. One of his favorite memories is of the pirate themed cache titled "Aargh! (GCXMKE)." His dream locations include Montreal, the South Pole, and Alaska. He hopes to attend this year's "ASP GeoBash IV (GC1DG47)" mega-event on May 15th. Some favorite entertainment picks were "Forrest Gump," "The Truman Show," "Bull Durham," "Matchbox Twenty," "Phil Collins," "Genesis," and "24." For a look at the photo he shot in Philly, check out his Flickr Photostream, or visit his "Caching - Philly style!" blog post. Also check out his "P.J. look at the world" photo blog and his "A 'lil Hoohaa" blog.
Also mentioned was the Cache-A-Maniacs account on

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Date Recorded: December 21, 2008
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