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Oct 10, 2009

Stats Bar for Influence Waterfowl CallsListen to our interview with Influence Waterfowl Calls of Mayfield, Kentucky. He started his caching adventures with a eTrex Camo, but has since upgraded to the GPSMAP 60CSx. He also uses the nĂ¼vi 200 and loads them through GSAK. He uses CacheMate and a Tungsten E2 for paperless. His favorite location to cache to date has been the St. Louis, Missouri where he found the "RT66:IL-MO - Above the Trees & Mississippi Cache" (GC2258). He'd like to cache just about anywhere there are caches to be found, but the Seattle, Washington area, Antarctica, and Brazil are stand-outs. He favorite hide was the now archived "Behind The Castle Gate!" (GC14Y4J) unknown cache. Some movies he enjoyed were "Shooter," "Fast & Furious," "Find Me," and "GPS the Movie." He's also been watching "America's Got Talent" on television lately.

Also mentioned in this episode is CacheBerry, CacheMate, Caching, Geocaching iPhone App, Geosphere, , and iGeocacher.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener DaveJustTyped:
"When paperless caching with an iPhone or an iTouch, sometimes there is no wireless signal in the bush. By pressing the power button along with the menu button, you can take a screen shot which is then saved to your photo section. By taking a screen shot of your maps, hints and the like, they are all right there in front of you - even without a signal."
Thanks to Cache Advance for their donated gift package (All-Weather Standard Clicker Pen - Black Ink, Green 3.5" x 6" Medium Cache Sticker, & Green Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" Notebook).

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Date Recorded: September 18, 2009
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