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Nov 28, 2009

Stats Bar for Crimson DragonsListen to our interview with Crimson Dragons of Cincinnati, Ohio. He started caching with the Garmin eTrex and is now using the Garmin Colorado 400t. His favorite unit is still the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. To load the units, he uses GSAK. His favorite location for caching is Louisville, Kentucky. He dreams of caching in Germany some day. His favorite hides are the "Boardwalk" (GC1133Y) and "Park Place" (GCZDGN) caches. Favorite movies include the "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars" series, and movies by "Tyler Perry." His favorite television shows are "Amazing Race," "Crimal Minds," and "CIS."

Also mentioned in this episode is the coming "Cachercon 2010: Metro Detroit" (GC2158P) event.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener mojave_rattler:
"I have found a few caches in the past were the cache was hidden under what looks like a real berral cactus. On some cache hunts I do what I call the cactus kick to check the local cactuses if they are real ones or not. Now I don't give the cactus a full blown kick but a nudge."

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Date Recorded: November 1, 2009
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