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Dec 5, 2009

Stats Bar for localbizListen to our interview with localbiz of Augusta Georgia. He started caching with the Geocache Navigator app on his Blackberry Storm. He has since switched to the Blackstar and CacheBerry apps. So far his favorite location has been caching around his hometown of Augusta, Georgia to find places he hadn't known. Some day he would like to cache Australia, Engand, Ireland, and New Zealand. Favorite movies include the "James Bond," "Lord of the Rings," "Star Trek," "Star Wars" series, and the movies by "Tom Clancy." Favorite television shows are "Lost" and "NCIS."

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener Superted:
"When you have failed to find a puzzle cache and are just about to give up and walk away assuming that your answer is wrong or the cache has been muggled, check that you have entered the coordinates correctly into your GPS. You may be pleasantly surprised to find you have not and the cache is waiting for you just around the corner. In these days of paperless caching we forget that we can make mistakes in entering coordinates."

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Date Recorded: November 6, 2009
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