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Dec 26, 2009

Stats Bar for jcurtis55Listen to our interview with jcurtis55 of Plainfield, Indiana (southwest suburb of Indianapolis). He uses the Garmin eTrex Vista Cx and Garmin eTrex H GPSRs and a Palm TX with Cachemate all loaded through GSAK. His favorite locations he's cached so far were Astoria OR, Olympia WA, and Washington D.C. He dreams of caching in Europe, especially Germany and United Kingdom. His favorite location to hide caches has been the Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis IN. As for movies, he enjoys the "Lord of the Rings," "Star Trek," and "Star Wars" series. On television he watches "Big Bang Theory," "Hill Street Blues," "NYPD Blue," and "White Collar" As for music, his favorite artists include The Beatles, The Kinks, Neil Young, The Who.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener Seyah Later:
"When you find a new cacher on be sure to write a quick note and encourage them along. Most cachers will not get to experience an event or the opportunity to meet other cachers right away. A quick note will stand out and do wonders in keeping them interested until the 'addiction' takes hold. Encourage them along just as you would if you were meeting them in person. So whether a new cacher finds one of your caches or you see them on the log of another cache, take the time to send a quick 'welcome aboard.'"

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Date Recorded: November 20, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4