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Nov 20, 2010

Stats Bar for Team-DuckyListen to our interview with Team-Ducky of Central Upstate New York. They started caching on their iPhone 3Gs (with the Geocaching iPhone App), and still use those, and added a Garmin eTrex Lengend H for hiding caches. Some locations they dream of visiting are; Alaska, Germany, Hawaii, and Ireland. They recommend Upstate New York to fellow cachers, especially Allegany State Park, Glimmerglass State Park, and Mendon County Parks. They are known for their colorful rubber ducks left in caches, and you can check them out through the photos on their blog. A favorite author is Mitch Albom. Some favorite movies are the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy "The Matrix," and the "Star Wars" series. On television they enjoy reality TV, particularly "Survivor." A couple of their favorite (but non-Geocaching) podcasts are "Best of the Left" and "Radiolab."

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Date Recorded: November 7, 2010
Show Notes: DarrylW4