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May 21, 2011

Stats Bar for Kevs_TeamListen to our interview with Kevs_Team of Auckland New Zealand. This couple operates the Geocaching New Zealand store. They got their start caching when they found the Geocaching App for their Apple iPhone 3G S. They've since upgraded to using the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad, and the Garmin Oregon 450. A very memorable find was "Crown Battery (Coromandel)" (GC13C1X). They'd like to cache more in Australia, and would like to hit South Island and Route 66. They recommend fellow cachers try Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast of Australia. He's played with foursquare. As for entertainment, they like "Doctor Who," "Stargate," and "Star Trek."

Twitter: @geocachers
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Date Recorded: April 30, 2011
Show Notes: DarrylW4