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GeoGearHeads 2013 Traveler Race

Feb 15, 2013

Welcome to the GeoGearHeads 2013 Traveler Race! We've partnered with to power the first GeoGearHeads sponsored race. The goal of these travelers is to meet as many Geocachers as possible along their travels while sharing Geocaching tips and tricks between March 1, 2013 and September 1, 2013. Each traveler earns a point for each unique cacher who submits a log to it. Since this is intended to be fun for everyone (as well as sharing some Geocaching knowledge) you are encouraged to submit multiple travelers, each with its own tip or trick. We hope you're able to participate by either moving a trackable item or releasing one yourself. Perhaps you'll be fortunate enough to do both! Here's how to enter the race;

  1. Acquire and active your traveler. You can use a travel bug tag, geocoin, or any other trackable (provided it can be set free and isn't already in another race), new or old.
  2. Fill in the traveler information. You may use any name you like, but please include the following for the mission;
    This traveler is a member of the "GeoGearHeads 2013" race and would like to meet as many Geocachers it can while encouraging the exchange of tips and tricks.
  3. Include your tip or trick (perhaps something you use frequently or something picked up from the show) and the following HTML in the description (click on the "source" button before pasting in this text);
    <br><br><b>Please try to keep this traveler moving!</b> Discoveries and events are highly encouraged as this traveler earns points for the number of logs from unique geocachers. If you have a favorite tip or trick please include it when you log this traveler. We love sharing tips with our fellow Geocachers to help improve the game and inspire the players!<br><br><i>Information about the <a href="">GeoGearHeads 2013</a> is available through the <a href="">Cache-A-Maniacs</a> website. <a href="">Standings</a> are available through the <a href=""></a> service which powers this race.</i>
  4. Add a photo. Though not required, we’d like to see a photo of your traveler. (Instructions)
  5. Login to the site. (If you've not created a account, you will need to create one.)
  6. Add the traveler to the race. Make note of the traveler's ID (that "TB" number, not the tracking number) and add it to the "GeoGearHeads 2013" race. You will receive a confirmation page from TB-Run with the traveler's information. If that information is correct click the button to confirm.
  7. Attach a note or tag with the traveler's mission. We've created some optional tags to print and include with your racers. These PDFs are available in two sizes and two versions:
    Business Card Size: Color B&W
    Geocoin Insert Size: Color B&W
  8. Release your traveler. Being that this traveler wants to meet Geocachers an event might be the place to set it free. Discoveries are highly encouraged! We want these travelers to move so please don't keep the traveler.

This race was started simply to have fun among the GeoGearHeads audience. No prizes are expected but contribution of prizes are welcome. If you would like to contribute prizes please mail them to:

PO Box 1144
Troy  MI 48099-1144

If you have a prize which requires other arrangements (e.g. electronic delivery) please contact us at The prizes donated to the race will be distributed to the leading traveler owners based on the score for top travelers as determined by Each traveler owner is eligible for one prize regardless of the number of travelers entered. Our current Prize Pool includes:

The current standings can be found through the GeoGearHeads 2013 page on