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Dec 1, 2012

Beta episode forty-eight contains a broad range of subjects submitted by our great audience! The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 kicked off the show with feedback from Will IB Ready. They also mentioned the Samsung Ad brought up in Beta.47 and the GeoGearHeads on the new CacheFace network. We also heard from Lafitefl about his luck in being routed near some caches by WVTim, then their efforts to find "The Library" (GC2WCV0), "Gadget Cache" (GC333J2), "Widget" (GC2WX5B) and others after hearing him on Beta.41. WVTim himself then emailed us about Beta.46 and how he's been busy since his show working with fellow Cachers about building their own Gadget caches. *TnT* shared his though on making NFCs as a shortcut for a puzzle cache, making it accessible to just about everyone. We had another story about an accidental find from lookforgeo. JR and Juju emailed about their use of DropBox to keep their GSAK databases up-to-date. Both schnider and debaere wrote in to ask about the "Beta" tag for GeoGearHead episodes. After the drawing, NoNameYet202 asked about stats packages like FindStatGen, BadgeGen,, and cachestat. DarrylW4 added the cross-platform GCStatistic tool. xpunkx called in to ask about possible tools to handle geotagged photos and tied them with logs. Though neither The Bad Cop or DarrylW4 knew of a solution, DarrylW4 mentioned the GeoJournal Mac app as the closest thing to meet xpunkx's desire. Next we heard from Ed2Ed by email about the "Cat Friends - Lucky" (TB4999F) traveler which was showing up in the wrong cache. Lastly we had a voicemail from JerseyEric about cross-listing caches.
During this show we also drew the winners of the Happy Caching Days Giveaway. Our thanks again to Magellan for their donation of an eXplorist GC, and to Brand 44 Colorado for their donation of an Geomate.jr with Update Kit, Geomate Large Log Cache, and a Geomate Gnome Cache.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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