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Nov 16, 2013

GeoGearHeadsFor the ninety-eighth edition of the GeoGearHeads The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 discuss geocaching and space. This discussion was prompted by the "Geocaching in Space" events and hype from Groundspeak marking the return of Geocaching to space (Rick Mastracchio carried "International Space Station Travel Bug II by the 5th Grade Class of Chase Elementary School-Waterbury, CT" to the International Space Station). The Bad Cop attended the "Geocaching in Space - A Geocaching HQ Event!" event at the Pacific Science Center, hosted by Geocaching HQ. The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 talked about ways for civilians to get into space through Virgin Galactic, Novaspace, XCOR Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace, and World View Enterprises. None of those options will get you to the "International Space Station" (GC1BE91) cache, and only seven civilians have flown to the ISS. There are geocaches and traveler here on Earth that have been to space. On GGH Beta.27: Orbiting Cache I we spoke with e6c about his caches launched into space – "PINELAND: Sputnik 2010: A Geocache Odyssey" (GC2JPJJ) and "PINELAND: LEIF MMXII: Geocache From Space!!" (GC3P578) – and some travelers (including our own Cache-A-Maniacs in Space!). Also mentioned was Gogo's partnership with Glympse for in-air location sharing and Gogo Text & Talk.

Thanks to Listener "Giz" for his voicemail on how he promoted the GeoGearHeads.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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