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Feb 17, 2014

GeoGearHeadsThe team (bendodson, Simon Wicks, and Alan) from WallaBee joins us for the special edition of the GeoGearHeads on the second birthday of the game. The WallaBee team took quicks submitted from the Live Q&A along with those from 24Karat, abqfox, Acyducy, ALEVanguard, Aunt Carol, baleensavage, beavermuffin, BelleLea, betasito, BonnieB, BridieMayDeacon, bullseyeshooter, Carissa848, carolyhi, chan2013, Chuck's Ghost, Decoyote, dlp100, flame_b, Forman, HakanB, heterochromia11, ilowari, itsme123, JoMac, jRiegert, jwolf, Kagey, Katie W, katietot, kd7iem, KerryBee, loupea, lucycronk, maroo268, mert, mrsbatch, NiteOwlRN, onlysleepn, patnpc, peteroo31, RenevHasselaar, Robbie, scottyallanb, scrapcat, ShaneP, SkyRattlers, smurf, soxfan, Susie, targeteer2k, traciefrench, tszcz18, and vanda. The "WallaBee 101" guide was mentioned as a good tutorial. Also mentioned were the "ItemBrowser," "Honey Blend," and "WallaBounce" tools.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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