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Jul 26, 2014

GeoGearHeadsIt's time for another Randomize show for the one-hundred thirty-fourth edition of the GeoGearHeads! The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 are joined by LANMonkey – on of The Bad Cop's co-hosts on Caching in the Northwest. Anteaus asked about tracking guardian portals in Ingress. Then brilang shared information about the emails from and thoughts about using GLONASS. A voicemail from JerseyEric asks for feedback about the use of trackables by fellow GeoGearHeads. Wet_Coaster wonders about playing location-based games with non-participants. "Opencaching NA Diversifed Cacher Contest starts soon, shared by DudleyGrunt. Team_Pugatch called in looks for tips with get geocaches approved by the Reviewer. Anteaus also wanted to know a about Geocaching LIVE API limits, Pocket Queries, and GSAK. The articles "U.S. Tightens Security on Electronics at Overseas Airports" by NBC News and "GPS Windshield Mounts Illegal in over Half the U.S." by GPSTraklog were also discussed.

Congratulations to Team_Pugatch for submitting the winning answer for this week's question, and to Limax as the winner of the live drawing. Thanks to for their donation of this week's gift!

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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