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Feb 13, 2016

GeoGearHeadsFor the two hundred fifteenth edition of the GeoGearHeads Jennifer of teamajk and "Geocaching Puzzle of the Day" returns to talk about puzzle geocache hides. The first voicemail came from Limax. Next was Mercuryturtle. Jennifer referenced "AlfaBet Soup" (GCXE6G), "NPC#9 The triple 30-step enigma" (GC3WG14), "Mother Of All Puzzles" (GC2153M), the "Master of Mystery" series, "Russian Doll Cryptocache" (GCN829), "Mom-n-Andy's Cipher Challenge" (GC2CCV4), and "Russian Doll Cryptocache" (GCN829). Sherminator18's email was followed by Team Pugatch's voicemail. Then emails from ZQX (Jennifer mentioned the "Introduction to Ciphers and Codes"), CodeJunkie, and iHam. The recording from Anteaus referenced geocheckers on which we did an show more than a year ago – "GGH 150: Puzzles II.&quot The last two questions came as voicemails from Carrot Killer and Billy Robson. JR & Juju called in to recommend the "How to Puzzle Cache" book. Jennifer added the "Puzzle Cache Practice" and Puzzle Solving 101 Series by ePeterso2 as well. Anteaus also told us about Geodyssey.

Congratulations to ZQX for submitting the winning question. Thanks to for their donation of this week's gift!

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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