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Jul 2, 2016

GeoGearHeadsFor the two hundred thirty-fifth edition of the GeoGearHeads we have a collection of smaller subjects to discuss. gslinkandslinkymama (of "Geocache Talk"), LANMonky (of "Caching in the North West"), The Bad Cop, and DarrylW4 kicked off the show with a correction by Team MavEtJu on the speed of Bluetooth. Next was coverage of Garmin's press release on the new Oregon 700, 750, and 750t. Nighthawk700 provided some insight to the Connect IQ apps (now on handhelds with the new 700 series) thanks to a posting and discussion in Garmin's Developer forum. Sherminator18 is probably a little disappointed as her eTrex 30x doesn't due the new wireless transfers but she's looking for a way to get the caches from her phone to the GPSR. Stevenw54 e-mailed after attending "Cachin' the Bay" (GC5Z4XF) thanking us for the information in "GGH 168: Attending Megas." He then added the tip to load and test Wherigo cartridges you might need before heading to the event. Also on Wherigo, Snowy1 e-mailed about doing Wherigos from a tablet. DarrylW4 provided links to WhereYouGo and whereIgo from the Google Play Store and the WhereYouGo app did the trick. We also heard that Cachly is loosing their offline tile provider in the coming weeks. JerseyEric shared that someone Periscoped their find on his "Northern Boards" (GC6HMRA) cache. In other news coming on the day of recording, Google announced through their Maps blog the arrival of multiple destinations in the Android version of Google Maps app (iOS will follow soon). Then they wrapped up the conversation with the news from GPSWorld about the launch of GLONASS satellite 53 to replenish their constellation.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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