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Sep 29, 2017

For the three hundredth edition of the GeoGearHeads we have ChrisOfTheNorthWest, DarrylW4, LANMonkey, Oh Beep!, and Sherminator18 run through a ton of fellow GeoGearHeads feedback. cliqS opened with feedback about the battery discussion from GGH299. He likes using a case to tell if the battery is fresh or not. MikeD shared the way to enable screen lock on the Garmin OR650/750 units. JR and Juju shared a tip about FTF watchlists. Scrapcat shared a problem about the EXIF data in log images and asked for advice on removing the location data from photos. billy robson ask about finding zombie caches. pinkunicorn was looking for a way to put together lists of challenge cache required caches. Then K8Ydd's question about trackable logging looks to be best solved through GSAK. Sherminator18 recorded audio about Project-gc Event Notifiers. Last up in this show was Subwaymark talking about SideTracked Series and Podcacher Show 604.0: The SideTracked Geocache Series.
Congratulations to billy robson, K8Ydd, L&N Railroad, Sherminator18, and Simrebel for winning the Magic: The Gathering traveller tags!
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