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Mar 16, 2018

For the three hundred twenty-fourth edition of the GeoGearHeads geocachingvlogger, ChrisOfTheNorthWest, and DarrylW4 talked about several smaller subjects. It started with the feedback from rragan about a tunnel in Iceland he experienced. Then more feedback from JRandJuju about the COCOM Limits he discovered on a How-To-Geek quiz. The three then dug into the Planetary Pursuit promotion approaching quickly and mentioned the Planetary Pursuit calculator on A update to and their lists will also make many Geocachers very happy. The Engadet article "Amazon made an escape room powered by Alexa had the panel talking about Geocaching opportunities. Then several articles ("Sony's trying to cash in on Pokemon Go's success with Ghostbusters World," "Jurassic World Alive looks like Pokemon Go but with giant dinosaurs: ," and "Google now owns a very important part of the next Pokemon Go") might be hinting at the future of location-based gaming. Next was news (and a warning) that Embedding a tweet could violate copyright. Last up was "5G, cellular's next step, brings new positioning capabilities."

The live video session from this Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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