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Oct 13, 2012

In the forty-first beta show hosts The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 are joined by WVTim. He's worked some of his ideas with fellow cachers (including Dayspring) and shared some details about building "Gadget Cache" (GC333J2), "Up, Periscope !" (GC3NQW0), and "Hi-Tech Cache" (GC2WCA2). Some other gadget caches by WVTIM are; "Widget" (GC2WX5B), "The Library" (GC2WCV0), "The Quick and the Dead !" (GC37YH6), "Take a Deep Breath" (GC3QQGD), "Faster!Faster!Faster!" (GC3NE22), "Eat Mor Chikin" (GC3V5KN), and "Evolution of the Rest Stop !" (GC33NAZ). WVTim enjoys exchanging ideas and helping fellow geocachers build more interesting hides. Contact him through his profile on

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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