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Stats Bar for CaptainmathListen to our interview with Captainmath of Pike County, PA. We ran into CaptainMath during the "Geocoinfest 2008 - Pittsburgh (GC17H2A)" and spoke with him about Geocaching in Education during Episode 79 of the "Geocaching Podcast." His first GPSR (Garmin GPSMap 60CS) was purchased mostly to assist in navigation, but he's now upgraded to the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx for Geocaching. He's looking toward the next upgrade and possibly one of the Garmin Oregons. He's a Macintosh User but runs Windows and GSAK for his Geocaching. Since his PDA died though, he's using his Apple iPod Touch and MacCaching to keep track of cache information. Some of his favorite Geocaching took place during his attempt to complete "The Pennsylvania All Counties Challenge (GC10YN8)." One of his favorite cache finds is the "Rocky River Cache (GC1903)" for its rich history and cool view. For a brief period this past summer, he was rivalling the find rate of CCCooperAgency and nearly burned himself out on Geocaching. As for event, the "Tri-State Treasures" events are a favorite, in part due to its location near the "Tri State 1942" benchmark which marks the meeting of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He's a fan on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. "A Beautiful Mind" was probably his favorite movie of all time, but on television he enjoys watching "The Office," "American Gladiators," "Star Trek," and "Night Court."

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Date Recorded: October 31, 2008
Show Notes: DarrylW4
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Stats Bar for James BridgerListen to our interview with James Bridger of Nebraska's Sandhills. They started with Letterboxing and is looking at using the Colorado or the Oregon GPSr. His favorite thing to bring along is a Fishermans Vest and he really enjoyed caching in North Platte. His favorite caches are his puzzle caches: "Never Say Never Again" and "You Only Live Twice." He has run into other cachers including Plains Drifter 358 and remarked on the oldest cache in Kansas: "GC30 - Mingo."
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Date Recorded: October 17, 2008
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Stats Bar for goblindustListen to our interview with goblindust of Washington. He got his nickname in Australia. He found out about caching after discovering a cache in Portland Oregon. His first find was a multi, "Harpers Dregs." He started using an eTrex Legend but has since upgraded to a GPSMap 60CSx. He uses Cachemate while on the hunt. His favorite hides are: "Dr. Who Hidden Cache," "Dr. Who Sibling," and "Skullduggery!!!!"
Thanks to listeners Bass_Chaz (interviewed on episode 12 and host of Granite State Geocachers Community Podcast), Dan_n_Stef (interviewed on epsiode 86), Icenrye (interviewed on episode 17 and host of Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine), iTrax and FoxTail (interviewed on episode 15 and host of Podcacher), jenniferQp, RapidEye, redlights (interviewed on episode 97), and The Spindoctors (interviewed on episode 20 and host of Geotalk) who sent in their greetings for our 100th episode.
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Date Recorded: October 5, 2008
Show Notes: Bluedepth
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Stats Bar for Fire-n-Air CachersListen to our interview with Fire-n-Air Cachers of Central New Jersey. He uses an Magellan Explorist 500. Using your Smartphone for Geocaching, two tools were discussed: Geocache Navigator and Cacheberry. Their dream location to cache in is Ireland and the cache there that was mentioned is Declan's Walk Cache. Their first hide was "I want to grow up to be a GeoCoin" and their favorite hide is "Swimming with the Dolphins." The only time they met another cacher on the trail was when they found the "Enduring Freedom' cache." Their first event was a CITO.
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Date Recorded: September 16, 2008
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