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Apr 25, 2009

Stats Bar for Lookout LisaListen to our interview with Lookout Lisa of Spokane, Washington. We talked with Lisa about her Cache Advance store on Geocaching Podcast epsiode 96. Her favorite GPSRs are the GPSMap 60C and Earthmate PN-40 but she started with the eTrex Venture. In addition to the U.S., she has cached in Europe and Canada. Her...

Apr 18, 2009

Stats Bar for Clan DoyleListen to our interview with Clan Doyle of Las Vegas. His current GPSR is the GPSMap 76 CSx but they started with the eTrex Legend. He loads the GPSR and his Samsung ACE smartphone through GSAK. The family got their start caching while in Okinawa</>, Japan on the recommendation from their friend beetrav. Okinawa is...

Apr 11, 2009

Stats Bar for StaticTankListen to our interview with StaticTank of South East South Dakota. His first attempt at Geocaching was with a Mio Digiwalker which he quickly returned and replaced with a GPSMap 60CSx. He's now using the Colorado 400t, loading it by dropping the GPX Pocket Queries directly into the GPS. He loves caching in the

Apr 4, 2009

Stats Bar for N9YBKListen to our interview with N9YBK of Far south suburbs of Chicago. He started caching using a Garmin GPS 45 bought from a friend. He quickly decided an upgrade to the Legend HCx. He's recently upgraded again to the Colorado 300 and loves it for the paperless caching. He still uses GASK to process the pocket queries...