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May 28, 2011

Stats Bar for toppercatListen to our interview with toppercat of Chicago. His first GPS for caching was a Magellan 4000 XL but he's using the Garmin Oregon 550 and Magellan eXplorist GC now. He dreams of caching in his wife's home of Tasmania. He recommends the forrest preserves of Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois. His favorite book is "

May 21, 2011

Stats Bar for Kevs_TeamListen to our interview with Kevs_Team of Auckland New Zealand. This couple operates the Geocaching New Zealand store. They got their start caching when they found the Geocaching App for their Apple iPhone 3G S. They've since upgraded to using the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad, and the Garmin Oregon 450. A very memorable...

May 14, 2011

Stats Bar for ShazammanListen to our interview with Shazamman of Chicagoland. He currently uses the Geocaching App for Android and a Garmin Colorado 300, he started his adventures with the Garmin NĂ¼vi 660. His favorite hide is the "There's a Methodist To My Madness!" (GC14VF8) multi-cache. Meanwhile he recommends fellow cachers visit Cape...

May 7, 2011

Stats Bar for vbpadListen to our interview with vbpad of Fredericton New Brunswick. He uses the combination of the eTrex Venture HC and the Apple iPhone 3G with Geocaching with Geosphere. A couple favorite event series are the "Bye Bye Winter Bash" (most recently GC2NGCN) and his "Tech of Geocaching" (GC2NK9E). He dreams of caching in