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Jun 29, 2018

Regional Geocaching Organization are the focus of the three hundred thirty-ninth edition of the GeoGearHeads. GeoMonkeyTiger! (of the Georgia Geocachers Association) and Merlin1392 (of the Michigan Geocaching Organization) share some of their perspectives on Geocaching Organizations.

The live video session from this...

Jun 22, 2018

subwaymark is back for the three hundred thirty-eighth edition of the GeoGearHeads to talk more about geocaching during cruises. He's cruised through the Panama Canal, Norwegian Fjords, Bermuda, Caribbean, and Alaska. They talked about the translation tools;

Jun 15, 2018

For the three hundred thirty-seventh edition of the GeoGearHeads it's just ChrisOfTheNorthWest and DarrylW4 to talk through a variety of subjects. chrispt tweeted a question about imperial units in the Project-GC New Cache Notifiers. It is coming very soon. Also of note is that Cachly 4.3 was released with support...

Jun 8, 2018 is once again the topic for the three hundred thirty-sixth edition of the GeoGearHeads. Magnus talked about the TB-Rescue features, the new cache notifications, and more.

The live video session from this Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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Jun 1, 2018

Love of GCHQ joins us to talk about trackables for the three hundred thirty-fifth edition of the GeoGearHeads. Before that rragan and SpiritGuide e-mailed about last week's conversation on waypoints in routing. Kicking off the conversation was an interesting log by scubakirbaquacacher. Then we had questions from