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Jun 7, 2008

Stats Bar for FrostG1anTListen to our interview with FrostG1anT of Alaska. His caching career began on Labor Day 2006 with a few of his friends who joined under the moniker OMGCrew. FrostG1anT enjoys puzzle caches, voluntary cache repair, and CITO. He has a preference for "Stale Caches" which have gone unfound for a month, finds them extra-compelling. SlatRat is another cacher that taught FrostG1anT to enjoy elegantly designed geocaches, such as The Death of Sherlock Holmes. One of FrostG1anT's favorite hides is Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. We also enjoyed a story of gbug66 and his private property cache -- The 466 Cache. When not actively engaged in Geocaching, FrostG1anT prefers to enjoy running and cultivating good relationships with land managers to further Geocaching in his area.

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Content Rating: Clean
Date Recorded: May 8, 2008
Show Notes: bluedepth