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Nov 15, 2008

Stats Bar for goblindustListen to our interview with goblindust of Washington. He got his nickname in Australia. He found out about caching after discovering a cache in Portland Oregon. His first find was a multi, "Harpers Dregs." He started using an eTrex Legend but has since upgraded to a GPSMap 60CSx. He uses Cachemate while on the hunt. His favorite hides are: "Dr. Who Hidden Cache," "Dr. Who Sibling," and "Skullduggery!!!!"
Thanks to listeners Bass_Chaz (interviewed on episode 12 and host of Granite State Geocachers Community Podcast), Dan_n_Stef (interviewed on epsiode 86), Icenrye (interviewed on episode 17 and host of Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine), iTrax and FoxTail (interviewed on episode 15 and host of Podcacher), jenniferQp, RapidEye, redlights (interviewed on episode 97), and The Spindoctors (interviewed on episode 20 and host of Geotalk) who sent in their greetings for our 100th episode.

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Date Recorded: October 5, 2008
Show Notes: Bluedepth