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Mar 21, 2009

Stats Bar for TenorplayerListen to our interview with Tenorplayer of Indiana. He plays the Tenor Saxophone in band which is where he got his name. He started caching with his Grandfather and his GPSMAP 76CSx, but uses his NĂ¼vi 200 with the Geocaches loaded in as POIs. His favorite location he's been to Geocaches was Shipshewana, Indiana. He dreams of caching in Hawaii for its virtual and earthcaches. He loves hunting earthcaches as he "learns alot and [they're] really fun to do." The two favorite caches he's hidden are "Wetland's Wonderland" (GC1FJBZ) and "Auburn's Cedar Creek Gaging Station" (GC1K2TW). He enjoys running into fellow Geocachers on the trail, including the story told of meeting Che K and SixDogTeam before the "Midwest GeoBash 2008" (GC154HT). One of his favorite caches though was "Cupcake Cutie" (GC1M4GH) which he found with his Grandparents following the "LLLGL Valentine's Day Cache Bash" (GC1KME8) event. When not caching or at school he likes listening to "Green Day" and watches "House."
Also mentioned in this episode was the "Metea Park CITO & Pot Luck Picnic" (GC1MH30) CITO by Cache-A-Maniacs guests Tenorplayer and Mr. Incredible!, and the latest issue of the Cachers of the Round Table which talks about CITO events.

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Date Recorded: February 28, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4