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Mar 28, 2009

Stats Bar for The ConManListen to our interview with The ConMan of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He began his caching adventures with an Garmin eTrex Legend but has since upgraded to the Garmin Colorado 400t. He enjoys Wherigo caches and as of the recording had found about 10% of them available in the U.S. He almost got stuck (with some caching friends) on Manitou Island for an extra day while caching the island in unfavorable weather. During his earlier years he ran a the Far Side BBS connected through the Fidonet system. On television he watches the "NCIS," "The Unit," and "Criminal Minds." His favorite movies include "Armageddon," "Sneakers," and "War Games."
Also mentioned in this episode is the coming "A Pirate's Welcome For Sonny,Sandy, & Sean" (GC1NYG9) event for the hosts of the Podcacher Podcast.

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Content Rating: Clean
Date Recorded: March 13, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4