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Apr 4, 2009

Stats Bar for N9YBKListen to our interview with N9YBK of Far south suburbs of Chicago. He started caching using a Garmin GPS 45 bought from a friend. He quickly decided an upgrade to the Legend HCx. He's recently upgraded again to the Colorado 300 and loves it for the paperless caching. He still uses GASK to process the pocket queries before loading them into the new Colorado. He operates a personal blog and can be found posting to Twitter under n9ybk. The rest of the family has their own caching names as well; ACScott, Ma of 8, jcmonkey, GeoDavid98, csm2000, ram97, bethgeo, and Non-Caching Katie (who does not have a profile). One of these days he would like to get to Ireland for some caching. One of his favor caches though is his "The Creek" (GC1FG8X) cache which is a location from his childhood.

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Date Recorded: March 20, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4