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Apr 11, 2009

Stats Bar for StaticTankListen to our interview with StaticTank of South East South Dakota. His first attempt at Geocaching was with a Mio Digiwalker which he quickly returned and replaced with a GPSMap 60CSx. He's now using the Colorado 400t, loading it by dropping the GPX Pocket Queries directly into the GPS. He loves caching in the Black Hills of South Dakota but would love to cache in Ireland. Some of his favorite hides include "Big League" (GC1J8YD), "The Treasure of East Sioux Falls" (GC1AN1K), "Sunken Pirate Treasure!" (GC1EXT2), "Give Me A Hand" (GC1KDN4), and the Lost Series ("The StaticTank" (GC191YP), "The Arrow" (GC1931T), "The Staff" (GC1931W), "The Swan" (GC19321), "The Flame" (GC193W2), "The Pearl" (GC19322), "The Orchid" (GC19DGD), "The Hydra" (GC193VW), and "The Looking Glass" (GC193VZ)). On the trail he has run into a few Cachers including dbrockhouse. Outside of Geocaching, he and his wife enjoy ballroom dancing. He enjoys the "Fight Club," "National Treasure," and "Star Trek" movies.
Also mentioned on this show was Capt. JackSparrow's 100th find.

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Date Recorded: March 15, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4