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Apr 25, 2009

Stats Bar for Lookout LisaListen to our interview with Lookout Lisa of Spokane, Washington. We talked with Lisa about her Cache Advance store on Geocaching Podcast epsiode 96. Her favorite GPSRs are the GPSMap 60C and Earthmate PN-40 but she started with the eTrex Venture. In addition to the U.S., she has cached in Europe and Canada. Her favorite locations included Wales, Scotland, and Hawaii. Her favorite find was "Hot Rox" (GC3E4E) virtual cache as she lived through the ash from the Mount St. Helen erruption. Her advice for new Cachers can be found on her Twitter account or blog. Her favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings and Matrix series. She enjoys the Firefly and Dollhouse TV series as well.

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Date Recorded: March 15, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4