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May 2, 2009

Stats Bar for FireRefListen to our interview with FireRef of Erie, PA. His first exposure to Geocaching came through the television series "CSI." Though he had a GPSR early on, his first Geocaching GPSR was the Magellan Explorist 300. Since then he's upgraded to the Garmin Colorado 400t. He was using a Palm Treo 650 with the Tom Tom software but switched to the Garmin NĂ¼vi 750 and the TextMarks service. Dave and a friend hunted and found the first geocache he had attempted but DNFed -- "Indiana Spirit Quest #75: Old Baintertown" (GCM6AN) -- as his find number 750 "ALPHA" (GC4F4B) -- as his find number 275. Before be started caching he took a trip on Route 66 and would like the opportunity to make the trip again hitting caches along the way. Some of his favorite movies include the "Matrix," "Star Trek," and "Star Wars" series. As for television, he enjoys "Stargate SG1," "Star Trek," "CSI," and "Emergency."
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Date Recorded: April 19, 2009
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