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Jun 13, 2009

Stats Bar for condor1Listen to our interview with condor1 of Colorado Springs. He's using a combination of the Garmin eTrex and the Magellan Roadmate to get him to the caches. His favorite location to cache was the Colorado Paint Mines but he dreams of caching Mount Diablo in California. His favorite hide was one he worked on with his sister (kayebear40s) with some create code on its home page. That cache -- Big Springs 1st Mystery Cache (GC1MFQ0) -- receives many good comments from its finders. As for music, he enjoys Kiss and ZZ Top. As for television, his favorite series was Star Trek: The Original Series.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener NevadaWolf:
"Talk to new cachers; at events, on the trail, or through email. Remember how confusing things were for you in the beginning and offer to help, go caching together, or simply to sit down and chat. Many new cachers will appreciate knowing someone they can talk to and may help them at events or gatherings if they have a friend they know who is also there."

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Date Recorded: May 23, 2009
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