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Aug 8, 2009

Stats Bar for EkidokaiListen to our interview with Ekidokai of the northeastern U.S. He was interviewed by Kacky on the Found It! Podcast for 7-6-09. He's using both the Garmin eTrex Venture HC and Garmin NĂ¼vi 200 (both loaded through GSAK) but started with the Magellan Xplorist 200. He placed his favorite series of hides in the Bangor City Forest, each with its own story. Outside of caching he's also involved in the Bangor Ghost Hunters. On television he enjoys shows like "America's Funniest Videos." As for movies he likes "The Cannonball Run" and "Smokey and the Bandit." Some musical artists he listens to are Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, and Kiss.

Also mentioned in this episode are the Geocoinfest SLC 2009 Mega-Event (GC1JZ1X), and the first Geocaching 12 of 12 event to take place on September 12th.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener The Watt's:
"Tired of trying to get logs out of micros without destroying them? Why not add a toothpick to the mix? Simply glue/affix a piece of toothpick to the top of a log. Make sure it is longer than the log and then roll it up. That way you have something to grab on to when trying to remove it."

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Date Recorded: July 10, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4