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Feb 20, 2010

Stats Bar for ePeterso2Listen to our interview with ePeterso2 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started caching with the DeLorme GPSR for laptops using a laptop from work. Shortly after his wife bought him a Garmin eTrex Legend which he still uses today. He uses a Palm Tungsten E2 with Cachemate for paperless, but usually just brings the paper with the puzzles in the field. He maintains a blog and a bookmark list of puzzles worth solving. He dream caching location is actually the Florida Everglades, specifically to do the "Ed Watson was a Bad Man" (GCF353) virtual cache. He really recommends Geocachers hit the virtual and Earthcaches in the National Parks. On television he enjoys "Burn Notice," "MythBusters," and "NCIS." Favorite musical acts are The Girl Choir of South Florida and They Might Be Giants.

Facebook: Eric Peterson
Twitter: ePeterso2
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Date Recorded: February 11, 2010
Show Notes: DarrylW4