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Jul 17, 2010

Stats Bar for JunglePeteListen to our interview with JunglePete of Florida Everglades. His first GPSR was the Garmin eTrex but since uses the Apple iPhone 3G with the Groundspeak Geocaching App. He dreams of caching in Borneo and Madagascar. He recommends other cachers visit the "Pittsburgh Transplant Trail 2" (GCHVGR), but his most memorable find was at "Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut. Sometimes..." (GC1Q0JJ). His favorite hide is "Ecuadorable's Flight CREW" (GC1R1TZ). His favorite event so far has been "JP103 - Sock Puppet Convention 2010" (GC28BY2). You can check out his writing and photography at His favorite movie is "Raiders of the Lost Ark." On television he like watching "Lost."

Twitter: JunglePete
Cache-A-Maniacs Discovery Coin: TB23G2N
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Date Recorded: June 4, 2010
Show Notes: DarrylW4