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Aug 28, 2010

Stats Bar for sparrows_goldListen to our interview with sparrows_gold of Kenilworth, New Jersey and Clermont, Florida. This couple got their caching feet wet using their Garmin n├╝vi 660. Now they prefer their Garmin Oregon 400t (either dropping in their Pocket Queries directly or loaded through Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and their Apple iPhones (using the Groundspeak Geocaching App). They dream of someday caching in Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. They really recommend their fellow geocachers try Hawaii. One cache they remember well is "Bridges & Arches of Central Park" (GC17MX1). Their single favorite hide is "The 'M' Club" (GC1KJ7J). Aside from Geocaching, they've also been playing with Gowalla. They enjoy the writtings of Michael Connelly and James Patterson. As for television, they like the TNT and USA networks. Some show though include "Leverage," "Top Shots," and "White Collar."

Twitter: Sparrows_Gold
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Date Recorded: August 20, 2010
Show Notes: DarrylW4