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Feb 19, 2011

Stats Bar for nativtxnListen to our interview with nativtxn of Snook, Texas. She started caching with (and still uses) her Motorola Droid with the Geocaching Android App. She's since added c:geo and GeoHunter. She dreams of caching in Australia, Czech Republic and Ireland. She recommends caching in Austin, Texas, especially the "Necropolis of Britannia Manor III" (GC2B034) cache. Some of her favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Beth Moore and Louis L'Amour. As for movies, she's a fan of the "National Treasure", "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. She also watches "The Big Bang Theory," "Hawaii Five-O," and "Texas Parks & Wildlife Show." Her favorite musicians include Jimmy Buffett, Casting Crowns, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, and George Strait.

Twitter: NativTxn
Cache-A-Maniacs Discovery Coin: TB23G2V
Show Sponsor: FTF Geocacher
Content Rating: Normal
Date Recorded: January 29, 2011
Show Notes: DarrylW4