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Geocaching Gadgets Contest

Aug 28, 2007

We're at it again with another contest for the Cache-A-Maniacs audience. This time we're looking for your favorite Geocaching Gadgets. Just drop us a message with your screen name along with information about your favorite Geocaching Gadget between now and September 16, 2007 to be entered in the contest. You can call those Gadgets in to our voice mail line at 206-222-2153 or e-mail to us at We'll be drawing once for the grand prize of a Xact X32X-2 WristLinx Two-Way Wristwatch Radios kit on September 17, 2007. We'll also draw one entry every Tuesday starting August 7, 2007 for an additional prize contributed by our listeners and supporters (more information about these prizes will be added soon). Winners of these additional prizes are still entered into the Grand Prize drawing on September 17th, so get your entry in early for more chances to win! For complete rules, see the Geocaching Gadgets Official Contest Rules page.