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Geocaching Gadgets Contest Prize Donations

Sep 2, 2007

Thank you to all of our subscribers and supports for their prize donations to the Geocaching Gadgets Contest. Their contributions have given us fourteen prizes for the seven weekly drawings between August 7 and September 17, 2007.

• A Calgary Caching Family
• 2006 Alberta Wild Rose (Ep 40)
• GW5 Sunburst (Black Nickel) (Ep 38)
Cyclops Family
• Geocaching Visors (two) (Ep 36)
• Geoaddict
• AA Battery Belt Pack (Ep 39)
• Geocoinshop
• Cache Rewards "Amazing View!" Nickel (Ep 35)
• Cache Rewards "Excellent Hide!" Nickel (Ep 37)
• Cache Rewards "Great Container!" Nickel (Ep 39)
• Cache Rewards "Very Challenging!" Nickel (Ep 41)
• Granite State Geocacher Radio
• 2007 New Hampshire Geocoin (Ep 37)
• TeamLegend4
• TeamLegend4 Personal Geocoin (Shiny Copper) (Ep 38)
• TeamLegend4 Personal Geocoin (Shiny Silver) (Ep 35)
• TeamLegend4 Personal Geocoin (Shiny Gold) (Ep 41)
• TNT Geocoins
• White Ice Dragon, Regular Edition (Black Nickel) (Ep 36)
• White Ice Dragon, Limited Edition Glitter (Black Nickel) (Ep 38)
• White Ice Dragon, Limited Edition Glitter (Copper) (Ep 40)