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Feb 16, 2013

The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 are back for the fifty-ninth edition of the GeoGearHeads and the tenth Randomize show. We kicked off this show with a voicemail from Superted about last week's show and his attempt at his first UV cache -- "Spot to Spot!!!" (GC45BCA). We also heard from previous guest jeepin_idaho about an article of an interesting application of QR codes. Next was more discussion about the "GeoGearHeads 2013 Traveler Race" which starts on March first. Info and instructions are now posted so get your travelers entered early so they can get out early and earn more point! Xpunkx, host of the "Geocaching Podcast," talked about the new Garmin GGZ format. We also read the comment from Robert Lipe, previously on "GGH Beta.30: GPSBabel," on the GPSTracklog article.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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