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Sep 12, 2015

GeoGearHeadsWalt Grogan joined The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 for the one-hundred ninety-third edition of the GeoGearHeads. DudleyGrunt and Wet_Coaster sent in more feedback about the "Needs Archive" log. StridentUK shared some links; "Ye Ole Survey Monuments," "Lakes Guides, bench marks," and "Waymarking Mobile." Limax asked about the information contained in a Pocket Query. Wet_Coaster also emailed about a situation his wife (green_words) encountered with one of her travelers – "Airstream Tag" (TB6KN7R). Tanjent emailed about the "plus+codes" site (which he found through an Engadget article). Walt mentioned the very difficult puzzle cache by Darth Leviosa – "$100 for 100: Darth Leviosa's 100th Hide" (GC60H65) – which carried a cash prize for the first validated finder and is still unclaimed after 20 days. Next was a reminder about the upcoming souvenir for International EarthCache Day. Then a little discussion about the discovered through another Engadget article. Last during this installment was a reminder that iOS Users should hold off on installing iOS 9 which is scheduled to rollout on September 16th.

Congratulations to GManSan for submitting the winning response for this week's question and to Limax for winning the live drawing. Thanks to for their donation of this week's gift!

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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