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Nov 22, 2019

We have another collection of smaller subjects for the four hundred twelfth edition of the GeoGearHeads. Simrebel's YouTube comment kicked off the discussion. Next was MAHDay's Apple Podcasts Review. cachesaurous asked about updated badges for his profile. Then we talked about the latest Geocaching souvenir promotion. Merlin1392 reminded us of the Joyeux Noel! missions closing this weekend. Next up was a tip from Highlands_Guy to check the firmware on your Garmin GPSR. a^shark emailed about the BBC News article "Could the world cope if GPS stopped working? " Darryl was excited that you can make tours in Google Earth. Chris shared about the decommissioning of an old GPS satellite an the "Salvage 1" show. Last up was the news about iOS Developers being forced to update to new connections for their push notifications.

The live video session from this live stream can be found on YouTube.

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