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Sep 15, 2012

Hosts The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 are back talking about a variety of topics. We started out with feedback on GSAK.

We mentioned some detailed instructions from listener TheWinterTrio on using the field notes from Geosphere in GSAK;
"Instead of 'Uploading' directly to (how I did it before GSAK v8), I select 'Export.' On the next screen, choose the '' format, and then I choose 'Email' on the next screen. I'm guessing you could also do the 'Save to Shared Files,' but I usually do this as soon as I'm done logging for the day to make sure I get them off the phone ASAP to protect me from a phone crash. I also mark a new waypoint at the cache site in my 60Csx, so if I need it, I have a backup that way as well.
Once on my laptop, I open the file and save the text file to a separate directory. I also download all the Pics for the day and put them there as well. In GSAK, select the 'Publish Logs' from the ' Access' menu. On the Publish Logs screen, right-click and choose 'Fetch > From File.' Select the FieldNotes file. It will load all the caches into the window and then you can tweak the found text, add pictures, TB Drop/Visit/Retrieve logs, whatever. You can also setup templates (similiar Geosphere) to add stuff automatically. I only have a simple one that says 'Thanks for the Smiley.' If you don't have an automatic template set, it will automatically put in the text from your field notes. Since I record all the Puzzle/Earth/Virtual notes in there, I didn't want them to get accidently published. I don't put anything like found counts for the day or anything else, so the template is only to protect me from publishing spoiler information. The most we've done in a day is about 25 caches, so maybe when we hit more I'll play more with the templates.
Once you've tweaked all the text and things, you just hit publish and away it goes. It is much quicker than anything else I've tried. I never like'd doing the real log in the field via the "official app". I will only use that if I need to log a dropped TB or a quick FTF message. Everything else waits until I get home.
If I only have a couple caches to log, I usually do the upload directly to instead, but I'm going more and more to GSAK even for those.
I recently went down to Oregon for a week for a Star Party and up to Canada for a week to visit family. We cached on the way there and the way back. I got about 60 caches on the first trip and 30 on the second. Each day I sent a file to email and processed it at night. When I got back home again, I had all the logs in GSAK ready to publish and just hit go. I don't do any logging except TB drops while on vacation. (we're just paranoid about logging out of state caches while not home.)"
"One thing I forgot... With Geosphere, since you are 'Exporting' and not 'Uploading' you need to clear the upload flag yourself after you export the field notes. It doesn't do it automatically. GSAK can freak if you try and import a field note a second time..."

We also mentioned some of the new products announced in the smartphone and tablet space. Those were the Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPod Touch, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, Motorola RAZR HD, Motorola RAZR MAXX HD, Motorola RAZR M, and the updated Amazon Kindle Line.

The live video session from this Google+ Hangout On Air can be found on YouTube.

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